【Onpachi ELDORADO】8 points of online pachinko, slot way, and how to play that anyone can do

Eldorado on the pachislot allows you to play "pachinko" and "slots" online.

We will explain in detail how to view the screen and common operation methods, and how to play each "pachinko" and "slot".

First of all, let's "seat" on the game stand of your favorite model.

【Beginner Must-See】How to view the game screen

Eldrard Game Screen View

The game table is roughly

  1. Information panel
  2. Game panel
  3. Game Settings Panel

there is a problem.

Learn more about how to view and interact with the information.

Total games and bonuses: How to view and operate the information panel

Eldrard Information Panel

The "Information Panel" on the "Game Screen" displays game information.

1. Denomi (Game Rate)

Prices for 1 ball and 1 medal are displayed.
In the case of the image rate, it will cost 0.4$if you hit a ball with "Pachinko", and 1.2$ because you will need 3 pieces if you rotate it in "Slot".

2. Exchange (cash rate)

It represents the cash exchange rate of 1 ball and 1 medal earned.
In the case of the image, 3,548 balls have been earned, so it will be redeemed at 3548×0.4×0.8 and will be 1135.36$.

3. Money (in-game currency)

Represents the total number of in-game currencies you currently hold.
It will be used according to the rate for each game turned at the game stand.

4. Balls/Medals

It represents the number of balls and medals earned in "Pachinko" and "Slots".
The game's games will be used first from the in-game currency for the balls and medals you earn.

5. Number (number)

Number of the table in the floor

6. Total Games (total daily play)

It represents the total number of plays played per day of the game table. Total daily play, so it includes the number of plays played by other players.

7. Bonus (gross daily gross)

It represents the number of hits per day of the game table. The number of hits per day, so it includes the number of times other players played.

8. Games (number of plays since last time)

Represents the number of games since last game.

9. Setting (game settings)

Eldrard Game Settings

You can check and change the game settings.

◇Full screen display

By checking, you can make it "full screen display".
You can return to "Normal Display" by unchecking it.

◇My Page

You can go to "My Page". Please check here how to operate "My Page".


◇How to play

Eldrado How to play pachinko  

You can see the instructions for playing "How to operate a pachinko" and "How to operate a pachislot".

10. Data Lamp

Eldrard Table Data

You can check the data of the game table. In the data lamp, you can see the following items:

  • Number of jackpots today, 1 day ago, 2 days ago
  • The highest number of consecutive chans today, 1 day, 2 days ago
  • Current rpm
  • Total rpm for today
  • Average probability of winning a big hit
  • Slump graph (graph of rotation speed and I/O balls and medals)
  • Grain graph (graph of the number of games per game in the last 10 times)

11. Information (how to play the model)

How to play Eldrard models

How to play Eldrard models

You can check the basic information of each game machine, game flow, prize ball / payment, jackpot pattern.
If you are seated on a playing table for the first time, it is recommended that you first check "How to play the model".

【How to play pachinko slot】How to view and operate the game panel

Eldrard Pachinko Screen  

Even those who play "pachinko" and "slot" for the first time can easily operate it.
We will explain in detail how to view and operate the game panel that you actually play in order of "pachinko" and "slot".

Basic knowledge of [pachinko] and how to hit

Eldrado Pachinko Basics

"Pachinko" is a play that aims to hit the jackpot by hitting a ball.
The probability of winning the game is decided for each game machine. (Checkmate above is drawn from 1/210.1 to 1/263.5)

As a rough flow of play,

  1. Use the Power Gauge to decide the strength to launch a ball and fire it.
  2. The fired ball is awarded at the starting gate.
  3. Draw a win internally
  4. "Liquid crystal" moves according to the lottery contents and displays the result
  5. "Attacker" opens when the hit pattern is aligned
  6. put out a ball and win a prize in the "attacker"
  7. The ball is paid out.

It comes to.

First of all, please try to move the "power gauge" without thinking difficultly and launch the ball. Currently installed models do not need to learn technical terms such as "ten nails", "life nails", "close", "road",
"windmill", etc., and anyone can play easily.

If the ball you put out enters the "winning opening" and you win the lottery, you will win a jackpot. The ball will be paid out.

Before the ball runs out, the ball will increase if the next hit is drawn. If it disappears, it will be re-invested in "in-game currency".

It is good to choose slowly at the game table where the probability of winning is high but there is little payment, or aim for one shot at the game table where the probability of winning is low but there are many paying out, or decide the game stand by the way of play.

Adjust [Power Gauge] and hit the ball

Eldrado Pachinko Power Gauge

By moving the lever of the "power gauge" from side to side, you can determine the strength of the ball to be launched.
Adjust the strength and hit the "start gate" by finding the position where the ball often enters.

In the beginning, it is good to stop the lever in the center and scatter the ball from side to side. I want to determine whether more balls enter the "starting point" from the left or right, adjust the strength
of the "power gauge" and put more balls.

Put a ball in the starting gate and turn the reel

Eldrard Start Gate Hold Ball

If a ball enters the "starting gate" in the center of the screen, the winning will be lotteryd. The reel of "LIQUID CRYSTAL" displays the result according to the result of the lottery.
While the reels are turned, if a ball enters the "start gate" again, the "hold ball" lights up.
The maximum number of hold is determined by the game machine for "Hold Ball". (In the case of Checkmate, up to 8 is held)

If there are still "hold balls", the reels will start spinning according to the next lottery result after the reels are stopped. No matter how many balls you put in the "start gate", there will be no lottery more than the "maximum number of holds".

If you don't like hitting wastedballs, try using the "stop button".

Let's take advantage of the [stop button]


Button to stop the ball launch. Blue is in the launch state, and red is in the stopped state.

It is used when it becomes a waste ball even if the ball is put out, such as when "Hold ball" is gathered to the maximum.

You can stop the ball launch by moving the "power gauge" to the weakest, but since you will have to adjust the position of the adjusted "power gauge" again, let's use the "stop button" when stopping the ball launch.

Let's enjoy the production of [LIQUID CRYSTAL]

Eldrado LCD

The effect is displayed on the "liquid crystal" according to the lottery result. A variety of productions are available to improve entertainment.
A variety of productions are available, from productions that are determined to hit the jackpot to productions that can hardly be expected. Pachinko becomes more fun when you learn the direction and expectation level.

Watching the premium production of your favorite game table (a production that rarely comes out) is one of the pleasures of hitting pachinko.

Let's put a ball in [Attacker]

Eldrard Attacker

When you hit the jackpot, the "attacker"opens, and when you put a ball in the "attacker", a payment is made.

There is no round at the moment, and if you put one ball in, it seems that you will be paid out of all the hits.

Basic knowledge of [Slot] and how to hit

Eldrado Pachislot Basics

Slots are a play in which you stop the reels with a stop button and arrange bonuses.
The probability of winning the game is decided for each game machine. (Secret Roses above will be drawn from 1/93.8 to 1/211.3)

As a rough flow of play,

  1. Put in a medal with max bet
  2. Start the game with "Start Lever"
  3. Draw a win internally
  4. Press the stop button in turn to stop the reels
  5. Move to the "Bonus" game if you have a hit pattern
  6. Win medals in the "Bonus" game

It comes to.

"Slot" inserts a medal from "MAX bet" and press "Start lever" to turn the reels.
Basically, press the stop button from the left reel to stop the reels.

When you press "Start Lever", you are lottery the winning.

The difference between "slot" and "pachinko" is that you need to aim and stop the reels yourself. After pressing the stop button, adjust up to 4 frames (4 patterns) until the reel stops and stop. (It is a control called svell commonly)

Even if you aim for 7 patterns, if you are not elected to win, 7 patterns will not be aligned. On the other hand, if you are not good at aiming and stopping the reels, you can press it a little faster.

When you win the "Bonus" lottery,you will have a "bonus game" with a "bonus pattern". Until the end of the "Bonus Game", there will be no lottery for bonuses, so if you win the bonus lottery, please arrange
the "Bonus Pattern" and digest the "Bonus Game".

Learn the basic operation of Slots

Eldrard Slot Basic Operation

The slots of the on-pachi ELDORADO are performed sequentially by tapping the screen without pressing the "MAX bet", "lever on", and "reel stop button".

If you are new to slots, it is a good thing to play by pressing each one properly.

Press [MAX Bet]

Eldrard MAX Bet

The "slot" is determined by the number of bets, depending on the line at the time of reel stop. For a single bet, there is a total of 5 lines: 1 central line, 3 central top and bottom lines for 2 bets, 3 central top and
bottom lines and 2 diagonal lines for3 bets.
If the pattern is aligned on the line you bet on, the medal will be paid out.

In Eldrard, there is usually no 1 bet or 2 bets in the game,and it is a 3-bet (MAX bet).
During the bonus game, you will be playing with one bet, but you do not have to worrybecause pressing max bet will result in one bet.

Since 1 medal is used per bet, 3 medals per game are used.
If you have a medal, it will be used from the medal. If there are not enough medals to use 3 cards, it will be used from "In-game currency".

Let's check the number of tickets that are being placed

Eldrard Bets

The current number of bets.

Let's beat [Star Lever]

Eldrard Star Trevor

Draw a winning by pushing and start the game.
This "Lever On" will draw a winning, so when you are here, let's put your mind and beat it.

The reels will turn around with "Lever On", but depending on the game machine, there is a premium effect that the reel does not turn (freeze).

Let's learn how to look at [reel] and try to push

Eldrard Reel

By "lever on", the reels will turn. The number of sheets decided according to the stop pattern will be paid out.
It is mainly composed of 20 or 21 frames per reel, and rotates in about 0.78 seconds per week.

It is necessary to be able to stop the target pattern to some extent. If you are not good at seeing the design of
the purpose directly, the bonus pattern (7 or BAR) is made large and it is easy to see, so it is easy to aim if you stop based on the bonus pattern.

Press [Stop Button] to stop the reels

Eldrard Stop Button

Stop button to stop the reels. There are three buttons for each reel.

It is called a reverse push to stop from the right, to press the left and right to stop, to pinch to stop from the left and right, to press inside to stop from the inside, and to stop from the right. There are models that are penalized by the order of pushing by the play machine, so before starting the game, I would like to check "how to play the model".

The basic push order of many game machines is forward, but there are also game machines that press in and backward to get all child roles without removing them.

In addition to the production of the liquid crystal, you can also enjoy 1 confirmation (when 1 reel is stopped, the hit is confirmed), 2 confirmations, etc. by changing the pressing order.

【LIQUID CRYSTAL】Let's remember the production and detect the bonus

Eldrado LCD

Various effects are displayed at "Lever On", "Reel Stop", "Bonus", etc.
In the case of Secret Roses, the "Bonus" will be taught to the player by flashing the rose, so you can see that it hit even ifyou are not familiar with "Slot".

In many "slots", directing and child roles are compatible, and if there is a conflict between the usual direction and the child role, you may have been elected a bonus.
In addition, there is a production that suggests the setting.

By remembering "directing", you can enjoy "slots" more.

How to check [Payment]

Eldrado, you're going to get paid out.

Displays the number of sheets paid out by the aligned pattern. In the recent complicated child role, there is also a production that announces the establishment of the bonus with no payment
(payment contradiction) because the child role seems to be aligned.

Let's put the medal in [medal input]

Eldrard inlet

It is an entrance to put the medal into the game machine. In the hall of reality, we put medals here. Quickly throwing in medals is another technique, but it's not used in eldrado, an online slot.

How to view and operate the [Game Setting Panel]

Eldrard Game Settings

The "Game Settings Panel" under the "Game Screen" provides various options for playing online pachinko slots comfortably in "Eldrado".

Each can be used by tapping.

【Charge】Charge your money

Eldrard Charge

If you no longer have enough in-game currency, tap Charge to go to the "Funds Management" screen and make a "deposit".

During the "Money Management" screen move, the game stand will be on a break, so you can "deposit" slowly without a pity.

For more information on how to work with Money Management, see the following article:

Thorough explanation of how to deposit and deposit "Eldrado"! Introducing points you want to be careful about ins and outs

Let's play in [Auto Play]

Eldrard AutoPlay

On-Pachi ELDORADO's online pachinko slots do not need to be operated at all time and can be played "auto".

Autoplay does not stop in "Pachinko" and in "Slot" it will be free play that does not aim at child roles and bonus patterns, so it consumes useless balls and medals, but you can play while housework and work, and you can play casually, so please remember "Auto Play" and play.

Also, if you want to end autoplay in the middle, tap AutoPlay again.

Auto setup has four functions:

  • AUTO until you digest your balls
  • AUTO up to set amount investment
  • OFF on the BONUS announcement screen
  • OFF on the BONUS end screen

◇AUTO until you digest your balls

You can play automatically until you digest the points in Balls/Medals.
If Balls/Medals is gone, autoplay will end.

If you have increased your ball to a certain extent in the bonus, you should not use additional "in-game currency", so if you want to end playing when you run out of balls, it is good to use it.

◇AUTO up to set amount investment

You can play automatically until you use the set amount you entered.

For example, if you enter 2000$, you can play automatically from the start of auto until you spend 2000$. 2000$ will end autoplay.

If the number of balls increases during autoplay, it will be used first from the ball.

Eldrard AutoPlay

If both "AUTO until you digest your ball" and "AUTO until you invest the set amount" are checked, "AUTO until you digest the ball" takesprecedence, and automatic play ends when Balls/Medals is gone.

Therefore, even if you enter the set amount and start AUTO, if balls/Medals is not 100% free, automatic play will end and it will not become automatic play. When you are seated on the game table, if you want to play with AUTO from the beginning, you need to remove the check of "AUTO until you digest the ball" and play.

◇OFF on the BONUS announcement screen

If you win the lottery, automatic play will end. It can also be used as a jackpot announcement.

By unchecking, you can play automatically even if BONUS is established, butin the case of "slot", it will be useless medal consumption until the pattern is aligned, so we do not recommend it. In the case of "pachinko", waste ball does not occur, so it can be used effectively.

◇ OFF on the BONUS end screen

You can play automatically until the bonus game ends.

"Bonus game" has a fun side with the payment of balls and medals, but depending on the game machine, the game is monotonous, so you can play and digest it automatically.


Eldrard AutoPlay

As mentioned above, "AUTO: 9999$until the set amount investment" allows you to play almost automatically, but it is not recommended for "slots" where useless medals occur.

If you can "seat" the "pachinko" table that is 30% and have a high probability, let's make effective use of it.

Let's change [option setting]

Eldrard options Eldrard options

There are two settings for option settings.

◇Automatic press of the effect button

Depending on the game machine, there is a "effect button". Various effects occur by pressing the "Effect button".
If you need to press the "Effect button" by checking, it will automatically press the "Effect button".

◇Reel stop order

You can change the order in which the reels stop. Depending on the game machine, the order other than forwarding such as pinching may be effective. It is good to use it according to the model.

How to enter [break] and how to [liquidate]

Eldrard Break Liquidation

You can choose to take a break or liquidate.

  • Break (you can go to other screens with the table secured)
  • Checkout (exit the game and perform the checkout process)

* A break can be done for 10 minutes. After a period of time, you will be forced out of the seat and will be paid.

Let's pay attention to [forced leave]

Eldrard forced out

If there is a time that is not operated for a certain period of time on the game, the game will be closed and the payment will be made.

If you are playing with "Auto Play" and you are set to "OFF on the BONUS announcement screen" or "OFF on the BONUS end screen",bonus is established, and the operation stops when it ends. This state is unreasoed, so be careful because you will be forced out after a certain amount of time.

【Checkout Jackpot】Unexpected bonus at the end of the game

When you exit the game,roulette may start as a "jackpot bonus".
If you win roulette, you will receive a bonus depending on the rate of the game you were playing.

How likely is it to occur? I'm glad you're here for this kind of service.


Eldrard Fan

Onpachi ELDORADO has various devices and mechanisms for 30000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Even people who have never played "pachinko" or "slot" can easily play.

Please refer to this article and play with Onpachi ELDORADO.

Eldrard's registration


How to play in detail for each game machine

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