【Onpachi ELDORADO】 Jack Pot Dice's information is gradually becoming clearer, so I'd like to take a look!


This time, I'm going to look at jackpot dice that you can enjoy in Eldrado as an online slot!

In the performance that is unrivaled in the ball power, of course, it is a very interesting and fun slot even if it is put on the production side, so I am looking forward to it!

First of all, the basic performance of jackpot dies and newly unders been unders been found points, etc.

It is how to hit the jackpot dice, but basically it is ok with free hitting.

Of course, if the press order navigation occurs, it is necessary to press according to the press order.

It is a familiar AT stock type such as God Triumph, and the net increase in at-time is about 9.49 pieces of destructive power.

Since the coin is 20.31G per 50 pieces, it will be a low base machine.

This will be about this because the return is large.

Although it is a machine discount, 92.2% to 143.6%, it can be said that it is a specification that can not be thought of by people who have recently started slots.

However, the GOD that appeared in 2002, which is the 4th unit era, had 159% machine discount set 6.

It was a blast machine with a powerful flag of 5,000 shots at GOD, and it was a great time that this slot was usually in the store!

So, from the time of the day, it is a machine discount of 143%, but I think that there are many people who think that the slot of just the right specification came out from those who know the old days.

By the way, the machine discount of setting 1 is 92.2%, but the lowest machine discount in the slot of Unit 5 is 91% Thunderbird Neo, so it is higher than that.

Even in Unit 5, there are some slots of 93% and 94%.

It is quite a strong specification when thinking about unit 5.

The combined probability of the first hit is 1/681 in setting 6!

It is a combined probability per first time, but it is about 1/1101 in setting 1 to about 1/681 in setting 6.

As a breakdown, first of all, it is the strongest role that is the position of GOD aligned in the so-called GOD called ULTRA JACKPOT, but this is a probability that it is said to be a GOD probability as 1/8192.

Because it is the strongest role, its performance is powerful and it is α AT500G + α.

Since the at net increase is about 9.5 sheets, this alone will be about 5000 sheets in calculation!

Not only this, but also the addition in THE AT is quite a feeling, so 10,000 pieces will come out rather, and there is a destructive power that will be within range of 20,000 pieces.

Next, regarding the red 7 alignment called SUPER JACKPOT, it will be confirmed continuously for more than 3 sets, so it can be said that it will be a sufficient trigger.

Since the probability is 1/4096, it can be said that the probability of winning will increase considerably if you align either UJF or red 7.

And since there is no difference between the two settings, if you pull them, the expected value will go up.

The normal normal jackpot is the part where the setting difference is large!

For the normal normal jackpot, the setting difference will be quite large!

Setting 1 is 1/5267 and setting 6 is 1/1334.

It is quite interesting that the probability is higher in red 7 when it is setting 1!

Regarding the establishment of a small role of attention, all settings are common to all the 15 roles such as hazing, replay, 15 roles, and all settings are common for replay 4 series.

As for the chance eye, there is a small set difference, so it will be a checkpoint.

It is a check because there is a set difference in the set addition lottery rate during AT!

There is a point where there is a set difference in the jackpot fever which is AT!

You will be elected as a missed at the time and a chance.

In setting 1, it is 1/858 and 511 in setting 6, so I think that it can be said that it is a point that there seems to be a setting difference visibly!

On the other hand, for the replay 3 series in AT, it can be said that it is an interesting attention point that the probability is higher with setting 1 is 1/474 and setting 6 is 1/529.

The judgment zone is G-ZONE in GOD!

After at the end of the AT, there is a chance zone between 5G, and after the end, it will be moved to the chance zone.

The chance zone is between 45G.

Of course, there is a possibility of AT hiding.

It is not yet unders been found that there is a set difference in the pull-back rate here.

However, I would like to expect the pull-back rate because it is one of the points where there is a set difference in various slots!

When it comes to jackpots, there are a variety of production patterns!

Among them, we will pick up hot productions!

⓵ first of all, it is a neon signboard production.

This production becomes a big hit with the neon signboard effect falling from the upper part of the liquid crystal and the WIN lamp lighting.

It is one of the intense heat productions that there is a possibility of SJF and UJF.

⓶'s a freeze production.

This is a familiar production and UJF winning rich.

You have a dream to get 5,000 pieces!

⓷'s the next most delayed production.

This is also a production that often comes out as a familiar intense heat production in GOD etc., and it will be a great opportunity role with the possibility of red 7 or UJF.

⓸ is a color laser production.

This is also a great opportunity when it happens.

Because it is a flashy production, it is hot to see.

It is likely to be rich.

⓹ is a big OR SMALL production.

This is a successful production if the effect that happens during the jackpot fever rolls the dice and the appearance of more than the specified number appears.

There is also the possibility of JF stock, SJF, and UF when succeeding.

It can be said that it is a main top production with the production of the person who comes out well in the jackpot fever quite!

Jackpot Dice is an interesting and explosive slot!

It is a jackpot dice, but as you can see by hitting it, it has a very pleasant reel movement and sound, and the production side also makes you feel like you are in a casino with a futuristic image.

In addition, it is also possible to hit without stress because it has an auto function!

Certainly the specifications are heavier than the current slot, so there is no doubt that it is a high-risk high-return model, but since the return is very strong without 2,500 sheets regulation, I think that is the charm of jackpot dice, which is an online slot!

Please play and experience the performance of the masterpiece!

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